Este grupo esta increíble, un Black Metal sinfónico con un sonido moderno (Uno que otro breakdown mezclado con esos riffs oscuros) incluso en sus influencias tienen a varias bandas Deathcore y Death Metal moderno. Totalmente recomendado!!

Banda - Aurora Black
Album - And the Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow
Año - 2008
Genero - Blackened Deathcore / Black Metal / Death Metal Moderno
Pais - USA

1. Intro - Into The Woods Of Bleeding Trees
2. When The Boars Are Feasting
3. Dripping Limbs, Faces Of Torment
4. King Of Worms
5. Lake Of Organs
6. Decapitated Angel
7. Intro - In Endless Depression
8. And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow
9. The Waking Cold
10. The Last Hours Of Life
11. The Orchestra Of Grief
12. A Brief Moment Of Clarity
13. A Distant Spirit Weeps
14. Before The Sun Was Created
15. Concealed Behind Stone
16. Forever Is Mourning
17. Outro - Seeds

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